Lucky to Live in Illinois (Sara, 38)

2015-11-03 | Personal PAC

When I found out at 21 weeks pregnant that my second pregnancy, my wanted unborn baby had a fetal abnormality that would not correct itself and result in certain death of the newborn, there was only one decision that my husband and I could make. To terminate the pregnancy. We of course consulted with the area's top doctors to make sure there were no other solutions. Because who actually wants to have an abortion? No one. But the only answer was clear, and we felt lucky to be able to implement our action plan without question. Because we live in Illinois, I was able to terminate my pregnancy at 23 weeks swiftly and without complications from politicians or activists telling me what I could or could not do. Others aren't as lucky as we were. But we will continue the fight to choose, here and elsewhere to make sure women who find themselves in complicated situations don't have to worry about compromising their constitutional right. And to all those who care, I wanted to have a baby. And I went on to have a beautiful healthy boy.